The why behind home staging 

• We'll help showcase your home in a new model
• We will declutter and depersonalize the space for the buyer to see the full potential of the house.
• We'll create new spaces that bring a new living concept
• We'll create an inviting space, one where the buyer can emotionally connect with the house
• We'll provide you with marketing tools to enhance all the options needed.

• Staging will sell the home faster and usually for more money
• Adds another tool to meet a new client and add new listings
• Gets more referrals
• Establishes a reputation as an agent whose listings sell faster and for more money
 • Provides access to marketing and pictures that will give your additional listing exposure
• Grows your clientele by exceeding their expectations.

Why clients need staging and what "problem" you solve for your clients?

Why realtors need to add home staging in their list of must-dos for sellers: 

Home staging facts 

• Home staging is tax deductible when the seller pays for it according to IRS publication #523.
  • Staged homes sell in an average of 11 days or less according to the International Association of the Home Staging.
• Staged homes sell on average of 17% more of the asking price according to the National Association of Realtors.
• Staging always costs less than the first price drop reduction.