Let's walk and talk. Each client starts with a 2-hour consultation. We offer a comprehensive consultation that fits your needs, time, and budget. We will walk each room and give recommendations on home repairs, paint selection, room function, furniture rearrangements, depersonalizing, decluttering, and curb appeal. The consultation ends with a list of 10 action items that will enhance your house and make it market ready. Contact us to schedule an appointment. 

Staging Production 

This is a service that we offer homeowners who are still living at the property. After the consultation is over, you can choose to hire us to complete all the changes needed. Our goal is to create a solution for our clients and make this process easy and less time-consuming. Our team will return and create a warm and inviting atmosphere so potential buyers can envision themselves living there. We’ll work on the flow of the house by giving each room a makeover. After the completion of each project, our photographer will come and take beautiful images that showcase the house at its best. Staging production is offered on an hourly basis. In addition, we offer accessory rentals to our clients who are in need of more artwork or accessories to complete the house look.

Vacant Home Staging  

The service is tailored for builders, home flippers, new construction and vacant properties. An empty property is very difficult to visualize. We will create an environment that will attract every buyer. We can stage as little or as much as you want. For builders, home flippers and new construction homes, a newly built home becomes the perfect canvas to show off. We will work with the developer team to create a perfectly mastered home for potential buyers. For homeowners: We will provide a perfect canvas for you. Our staging will take your vacant home to a luxury level by bringing every element to life, including furniture, decor, and adding accent pieces to each space.  

At The Haven Home Staging, we don't only help our clients sell their houses; we also help these same clients to move from point A to B. Each homeowner sells a house and buys a new one. We created the Stage to Live service to help them to move to the next chapter in their life. We can assist in the selection of furniture, paint, lighting, window treatments, accessories, and space planning. Stage to Live is offered on an hourly basis.

Stage to Live  

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In-home or virtual consultation

All of our projects start with a consultation. Our team will come over for 2 hours, tour the house and equip you with an effective plan for you to execute and make the house market ready house.

Pick your Staging Plan

After every consultation, our clients choose a staging plan based on their time and budget. Please see our services for more details.

One day installation

This is where all the magic happens! 


Once an offer has been accepted, our team will come back for a pickup and removal of the furniture and accessories before the closing

our easy five step staging process

Step one

It’s a simple answer for me; because it embodies home. The words home and haven coexist in my mind and carry such a heavy weight. Seeing the beauty in the forgotten or overlooked spaces is where I thrive. Home staging is when one chapter ends and another one begins. Being a small part of that process, helping a client sell their house by making another client see the potential of a home is a rewarding feeling beyond measure. It’s a passion and a love that grows with each and every new experience and challenge.

We know that prepping your house to sell can be very challenging. We are here to do it for you. We are here to support you every step of the way. We are here to guide you through the staging process. We are here to make your house show at its best. Our concierge level services and guidance will get your house to sell for the best value and in the shortest amount of time.

Why the Haven Home Staging?